Ashley's List

I like pretty things, good design, and great deals. 

Ziggy Chair

Pretty cute! $279 BUT save 10% with promo code WTVR



I always have and I always will! Check out these new vases from z gallerie. They are $9.95 to $19.95



I love a good quilt and this one is $75 on etsy. It says that is Irish from the 1800’s, but it also looks so ikat-ey to me with the pattern and colors. I really like it oh-so-much.

also for $75 is this knit blanket

and lastly, the colors on this quilt couldn’t be better. It’s $95, so not cheap, but a good quilt quickly becomes a family heirloom.


Cute E

Pick your letter and your color for $18!?! That’s Great. This is not the first time I have blogged about the etsy shop Edie’s Lab . They have cute stuff! And this E? So so cute. And what sophisticated colors.


A Good Freestanding Towel Rack? Nice.

This towel rack from cb2 caught my eye. I also thought it could sort of serve as a bathroom valet (you know you lay out your clothes in the bathroom too). I don’t know if that would invite clutter, but either way it’s a good piece and $79.95.


Flame Stitch Curtains

As long as we are at Urban Outfitters, I sure do like these flame stitch curtains. $34-39. And yes, I appreciate the irony that no curtains except white ones have ever lasted long at my house. Pillow shams and pottery, pillow shams and pottery. That’s what I feel comfortable being “crazy” with : (

But for you more daring folks out there, I like these : )


This Wants to Live at my House

This Pendleton blanket will cost you a pretty penny at $249, but if this bad boy ever does go on sale, like a super steep sale I would like for it to spend the rest of it’s life with me : )

I maaaay prefer a slightly simpler pattern, but still if someone was handing out pendleton blankets….

I guess I just really prefer the colors on the side that is in the first photo, over the sofa.


Grid Media Console

Ok, so looking over today’s posts I am thinking it is not going to be an Ashley’s version of affordable day, but in the scheme of design things, it is still relatively affordable.

First up, the Grid Media Console from CB2. I picked this because it is modern but different. It doesn’t look like IKEA. It isn’t mid-century. It is it’s own thing, with a nod to a peg board and probably a higher end design I am not familiar with.

I do like that it slides, so when you need to access the cable box and video game stuff you don’t have to have an open door jutting out (that is why we have a little record cabinet for out tv stand).

For me the legs could be a bit more graceful. I would love for them to be wood and tapered, but you know. This will put you back $499


NYVOLL Dresser

This dresser is calling my name, if only I needed another dresser. But maybe you do? I would prefer this on legs though. $299 at IKEA.


You’re Classy

I have said it before, I am not one for having framed photos around the house. But I would love to have a few in our bedroom or on my desk. And I really really like the timeless look of these. I think these are also great default gifts. They range from $29.95 to $34.95.

The Hudson double frame $34.95

and the tri-fold frame $29.95